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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Anu gets upset over Vibhu,Vibhu says these are childish things cmon,Anu says they weren’t in college days, Vibhu says i do remember, Anu says lets relive them,Vibhu says no its done once enough, Anu says you are so boring, Anu gets video.call, chandra lala singh lala from south Africa says hi,and says im Vibhutis grand father, Vibhuti says you aren’t, he says your father ahuti is my step son, Vibhu says oh god, Anu says goodness there’s never good in this family, Chandra says i had an affair with your grand ma and then after my father’s death i had to get back to south Africa and couldn’t return and now listen carefully, i have buisness here and a millionaire here, Anu gets excited, Chandra says i will name them on you, you talk to advocate saxena i have spoken

Anu tells meenal about property that will be given to them, Vibhu says don’t tell meenal she doesnt keep anything secret, Anu says cmon let it be, saxena walks in, saxena says the news is you aren’t the only relative of chandrabhan, let me invite them, Tiwari and Angoori walk in, Anu asks them, Angoori asks how are we related,saxena says According to what uncle said, so vibhu and Angoori are uncles step son and daughter so you two siblings, Vibhu says its senseless, Angoori calls Vibhu bhaiya, Vibhu says dont, Anu says stop over reacting, Saxena says its not done yet, Tiwaris aunt kusumkali, ran away with uncle and was related to her aunt as well, in all confusion you turn to be Anu’s uncle, and now uncle chandraban lara wants to maintain the new relationship.