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Naagin 4 Full Episode 1 Promo 1 Colors Tv

Naagin 4 – Vishakha की पूरी सच्चाई | Naagin 4 promo | Naagin 4 Full episode

Colors Naagin 4 promo is out and we are all too excited to see who the new Naagin is in this season, who is supposed to be deadliest of them all!

Colors’ supernatural thriller Naagin which has been hit amongst the audience will return with season 4. Yes, you heard it right.

Well, the finale episode kept viewers at the edge of their seats with intriguing twists and turns. While, Shivangi and Shivanya ended up with the respective loves of their lives, Rocky and Ritik. Yamini died at the hands of Shivangi. Taamsi, Shesha and Sumitra also died at the hands of Shravan,i who was later crowned as the Mahanagrani by Shivangi.

Watch Naagin 4 Full Episode 1 Promo 1 Full Video

The maker gave a glimpse of Naagin 4 during the episode. The next season will start 50 purnimas later when the naagrani will be at the risk of losing the naagmani yet again. The teaser showed Shesha, Sumitra and Taamsi’s statues emitting a certain light after 50 purnimas and the next Naagin appears.

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