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Bepanah Pyaar 29th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Bepanah Pyaar 26th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates

Scene 1

All sit for lunch. Kuldeep asks where is Raghbir and Pragati? Aditi says you are nearer with them so you call. Kuldeep leaves. Devraj reveals to Aditi that you never offered love to Raghbir that is the reason he is this way, he leaves.

Raghbir is drinking wine and reviews his minutes with Pragati. He says why same scene is rehashing in circle, he requests that wine help him.

Pragati is secured storm cellar. She says I dont have a telephone, what to do? She sees another route from inside pantry and says I should attempt along these lines. She begins heading inside and dim out there.

Kuldeep comes to Raghbir and inquires as to why you continue drinking? Where is Pragati. Raghbir says I dont know, I dont chase after her. Kuldeep says dont state this way, you are irate yet I am stressed, she is absent. Raghbir says I will inquire as to whether she returns. Kuldeep says did you have a battle with her? proceed to discover her. Raghbir says approach a few gatekeepers for her.

Pragati is going inside a collapse storm cellar and is terrified, she says I cannot discover something so I need to head inside.

Kuldeep asks Raghbir to discover his better half. Raghbir says Bani was my significant other, Pragati was a misstep, in the event that you figure my life will change with her coming in it, at that point you are incorrect. Kuldeep says we can talk later yet I feel like she is in a difficult situation, discover her. Raghbir says imagine a scenario in which she left from here. I brought her here for you, we are not made for one another, she realized that she was here a result of you and will return to her life, dont get connected to her, she is nothing to me. Kuldeep says yet I am your Maa and I am requesting that you proceed to discover her. Raghbir says sorry however no.

Scene 2

Pragati tumbles down in a jettison in cavern and gets her lower leg injured. She finds a lamp and lights it.

Aditi sees Kuldeep and thinks changing her meds didnt chip away at her, she is acting like its her home. Shalu comes to Kuldeep. Kuldeep is lightheaded. Aditi goes to her and says I will bring her medication. She tempers with her medications and blends it in water. Kuldeep drinks it.

Pragati goes further inside cavern and comes to place like a parlor, she says what is this spot? She says I cannot be frightened, I need to check it. She finds a case and attempts to open it yet residue tempest comes there, Pragati makes a decent attempt to open it. She opens it and is shocked.

Kuldeep says its night, I need to discover Pragati.

Pragati finds a recorder inside box with certain papers with updates on Bani’s passing. She plays recorder which has melody Kia hua tera waada, Raghbir and Bani contend after it, Raghbir is furious and says I may slaughter you.

PRECAP-Pragati is dressed like Bani and rushes to a bluff however Raghbir pulls her back and embraces her. Pragati says I am fine, railing isn’t cut this time. Raghbir says how would you realize railing was cut? No one thought about it.

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